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OPEN SOURCE SYSTEMS is founded on quality. Although there are many digital technology developers, few understand what it takes to produce a successful product that’s functional, user friendly and reflects consumer trends. We know what it takes to produce enterprise level technology. Our team has extensive experience developing industry solutions for diverse markets globally.

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The Team

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Marc Rotzow

VP of Engineering
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Patrick Willis

EVP Strategic Partnerships
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Phil Hadreas

Sr. Director of Global Sales
<?php echo Doug Lealao

Doug Lealao

Sr. Director of Enterprise Accounts

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Open Source Systems specializes in disruptive technologies, software applications, and high performance computing, using open source components to solve complex systems integration challenge.
We’re dedicated to creating  software for those that want to surpass their competitors with innovation and game changing technology.

Software Design

We provide unparalleled service in software creation, graphic design, enhanced user experience, and product implementation. See How We Work

Brand Strategy

We develop technology that matches the needs of your organization, all while keeping your brand identity and image consistent. Tell Us Your Story


At Open Source Systems, we work intimately with your team to understand your vision and strategy so you can launch successfully. Contact Us Today

Our Skills

Software Architecture

Having helped architect some of the world’s largest platforms, we lend our design architecture experience to ensure your success.

Agile Rails Development

Using the agile framework, you can easily track the progression of your projects written in the adaptable and modern ruby on rails.

UI/UX Design

We utilize our top leading designers in interface and experience design. Professionals that helped several fortune 500 brands.


Using our many years of experience, we will help build your project from the ground up and assure that your needs are being met.

Enterprise Scalability

We design highly-scalable platforms that will grow with your application from the first user to your billionth. We work and think big!

App Development

We develop the whole life-cycle app development by fleshing out your ideas, bringing them to market, and supporting your customers.

How We Work

All it takes is an idea to get your project started today. If you can dream it, we can build it and help it to launch and grow. Start first by telling us what you envision and then let us show you how we bring software to life!



910 E. Hamilton Avenue

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Campbell, CA